Zeb Hogan

Dr. Zeb Hogan

National Geographic

Zeb is a veteran fish biologist and conservationist. After earning an undergraduate degree in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Arizona, he became a visiting Fulbright student at the Environmental Risk Assessment Program at Thailand’s Chiang Mai University. Upon returning to the U.S., Zeb completed a National Science Foundation-sponsored Ph.D. in ecology at the University of California, Davis. Currently he is an assistant research professor at the University of Nevada – Reno.

For over four years now, Zeb has led the Megafishes Project, a National Geographic Society sponsored project to identify and protect the world’s largest freshwater fish. As part of his research, Zeb travels to the most threatened freshwater environments, striving to better understand and protect endangered fish as well as the livelihoods of the people who share their habitats.

Said Hogan, “Globally, a pattern has emerged: The largest fish species are disappearing. Their conservation is a race against the clock. We must identify and protect these aquatic giants before they are gone forever.”

Learn more about Zeb and the Megafishes Project here – http://megafishes.org/