Learn with Greenfish

Anglers have a responsibility to the fish they chase as well as the next generation of anglers: Pay it forward. Understanding this relationship goes beyond just letting a landed fish go. Catch and release means being prepared with the right tackle and knowing how to play and handle a fish. Teaching kids to fish is more than just giving them a rod with a worm on the hook. Paying it forward also means thinking about the seafood choices we make in the grocery store or at a restaurant. Here are some helpful hints and tips on what we can do to help make sure the resource and the sport of recreational angling passes from one generation to the next.

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    Catch & Release

    Learn about proper catch-and-release techniques to help protect the sport fishing population for the enjoyment of future generations.
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    Sustainable Tackle

    Learn about sustainable recreational fishing gear that will help ensure the health and vitality of the fish you catch and release.
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    Sustainable Seafood

    Learning more about what stocks are sustainable and which to avoid is an important first step in understanding the consequences.
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    Playing the Fish

    How you play the fish plays a crucial role in how well the fish recovers. The longer a fish is in “battle mode,” the higher its stress levels and the more taxed its body becomes.
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    Just as fish are a precious resource, so are the waters and the shorelines we fish. Treading lightly, leaving no trace that we’ve been there, is how we should repay nature for these gifts.
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    Teaching Kids to Fish

    That the next generation of fishermen and women are children is a given. How we teach them to fish, and whether they learn to respect and take care of the resource is the variable.