We're On a Mission

GreenFish is a for-profit company with a social mission to build a global brand of stylish apparel and products that promote a sustainable fishing lifestyle. GreenFish partners with a group of organizations that share our vision of nurturing the sport of fishing and fisheries conservation. Our long-term vision is to improve our fisheries for future generations to enjoy.


As the bumper sticker says, we’d rather be fishing. Saltwater or fresh. Conventional or fly. Avid fisherman like you and us are on the front lines of interaction with the fish. GreenFish was born of that relationship between fisherman and fish. It is a rallying cry rooted in the realization that fish are a precious resource, and to protect all forms of fishing for generations to come, we need to act now and together.

We urge fisherman to consider the choices they make while fishing, such as whether to use barbless or single circle hooks, whether to pick up a plastic bottle on the shoreline, whether to order a sustainably caught fish at a restaurant, and whether to let a fish go.

Does GreenFish preach catch-and-release only? No. The decision to release or harvest a fish is a personal one. We advocate catch and release as a crucial step in ensuring fish will continue to propagate and potentially hit another fly, lure or bait. Imagine the impact if every recreational angler committed to keeping just half of the fish they do today.

Occasionally harvesting a fish to share with family and friends is a responsible use of the resource, in our opinion. It’s more the realization that both releasing and killing a fish each have a consequence. We advocate understanding these consequences and exercising moderation.

GreenFish’s message also extends beyond recreational catch and release. Promoting sustainable fisheries also means taking a closer look at commercial fishing practices and advocating for those that minimize ecosystem impact.

We are pro resource … and the promise that brings to all fishermen now and in the future. We also believe in teaching the next generation of fishermen about sustainability and stewardship of the waters they fish.

GreenFish – By anglers | For fish.

Promoting a Lifestyle of Sustainable Fishing